5 Steps to Designing a Smart Home

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Home Automation is an amazing new and growing industry. A smart home can help many of us improve our safety, energy efficiency or just upping the cool factor of everyday mundane tasks and jobs. There are so many new products that are coming out every week and there is no reason why they can't become a part of your life too!

Here are the five steps automation design and installation specialists follow to achieve that goal.

1) Mapping It Out

The best way to begin a custom automation project is to look at the blueprints of a house or map out the layout of the home and the property. You can even do this by hand on a few sheets of paper.

This step is crucial to really understanding and organizing a full home project. Features of the property that might hinder or help a project can be highlighted at this point and it provides you with a wonderful visual tool with which to organize the automation plan.

2) Capture Your Vision

Visualize what your end goal is.

  • When you come home from work what do you want to happen?

  • When it's bedtime what should your house do?

  • What safety and environmental features will make you feel more in control of your property while at home or away?

For many people this might look like lights turning on, coffee starting to brew, the heat turning up and the TV turning on your favorite news channel.

Write it all down and create a wish checklist. This is where the blueprint or layout can start to come in handy as you envision you and your family moving about your property.

3) Research