Why Geofencing Can Save You Hundreds

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Letting your house track your phone can save you money.

Household expenses are growing each year.

Getting those monthly bills in the mailbox or inbox can hit you hard in the wallet and make you wonder where the money is going. Electricity costs in particular are on the rise in Canada, growing significantly faster than the rate of inflation.

Source: Statistics Canada

This is important to households because it is eating away at monthly budgets that used to be spent on other things. It can keep you from paying down credit cards or keep you in at night instead of going out to eat. For someone not on top of their bills they can slowly sink further into debt and even get a bad credit rating.

A few years ago I noticed a huge jump in my electricity rates when they spiked in Ontario. We had just had a baby and I lost track of my bills. After missing only one payment my hydro bill grew into a significant problem that forced me and my wife to re-prioritize spending for a few months. When we began home renovations a few years later both of us knew that we had to make our home seriously more energy efficient. It was time to get smart.

Being Forgetful Costs Us Money

Like so many parents in our situation we are constantly on the go. We have two children that need to be chauffeured around, we own a small business that keeps us meeting with clients at job sites and have dozens of various errands to run every week.

The lights are often left on and the AC pumping even though there is no one at home for hours on end. We have even gone on winter beach vacations for a week or more only to back to a house that was fully heated the entire time we were gone.

Enough was enough! What we needed was for the house to go on "standby" mode if no one was home. When we are late for ballet I just don't have time to run from room to room turning off all of the lights. Even after we installed smart lights and bulbs I would still sometimes forget to tell the voice assistant to turn everything off. Well now the house is smart enough to do it on its own. In walks Geofencing to save the day.

What is Geofencing?