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Personalized and Responsive Home Automation

Elevate your living space with our seamless home automation systems, transforming your home into a smart haven.
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I can't say enough good things about smart space home automation! It's been a game-changer for me and my family. Finally, we've been able to declutter our walls from all those switches and panels. With just one elegant and easy-to-use smart home solution, we have complete control over our home systems. It's simplified home automation at its finest! Highly recommend it!

- Tim S. Toronto

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A Personalized Experience

With our personalized app, you have full control over creating custom routines and schedules tailored to your lifestyle. Make your smart house work for you by automating tasks such as turning on/off lights based on time or occupancy. Experience the convenience and comfort that comes with having a truly intelligent home.

Imagine controlling all your indoor and outdoor lighting and shades with a single tap.  Arrive home from work to a brightly-lit exterior and indoor lighting for safety and peace of mind. When your smart home prepares itself for your arrival, departure, morning rise, or bedtime ritual, that’s convenience at its best.

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Intuitive Controls

We put the power of home control where it makes sense: the handheld remote while watching TV, on a lighting keypad for when you’re running out the door or turning in for bed, a touchscreen while you’re cooking so you can see who is at the door and let them in.

Relaxing Outside

Imagine having the comforts of home extend to your outdoor spaces.  Whether entertaining on the patio, dining on the deck, unwinding by the pool, or tending the garden, your outside space is an essential part of your lifestyle. Your smart home control system gives you instant access to music, lighting, security and more.

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Always Connected

With our state-of-the-art video surveillance systems and expert installation services, you have peace of mind knowing that your property is protected around the clock.  Receive real-time alerts and notifications whenever there is any activity detected on your property. Whether it's an unexpected visitor or a package delivery, our smart technology will keep you informed so that you can take appropriate action.

Keep your home, and the important things in it, safe and secure at all times. Check in on the locks, cameras, and garage doors from across the street or across the globe. Receive alerts when someone enters the house. Set lights to automatically come on at dusk so you’ll never have to approach a dark house again. Intelligent security solutions put peace of mind at your fingertips so you can trust that all is safe and sound.

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Movie Night

Enjoy movies like never before with our integrated lighting and audio controls. Set the scene automatically with lights that dim as the movie starts. Sit back, relax, and let our personalized app take care of creating the perfect ambiance and sound for your viewing pleasure.

Aesthetics Meets Functionality

A well-designed home rack mount is essential for a seamless and clutter-free smart home experience. Our expert installers ensure that all your automation processors, POE switches, routers, amplifiers, video media players, network video recorders, and more are neatly tucked away out of sight in a space such as a well ventilated closet or mechanical room.  By keeping all electronic components hidden, we create a clean and modern look for your space, without any unsightly clutter on your shelves or in your rooms.

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