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  • How much do your systems cost?
    Price points vary depending on the scope of work and the product tier selected by our customers. We are always happy to work within a customer’s budget, offering the best options available to them and solutions that accommodate your project needs.
  • What is the difference between wired and wi-fi components?
    While wireless security and automation components are a great option for retrofitting homes and keeping your walls as intact as possible, wired components still offer more stable and reliable service. Wired cameras typically offer a more steady connection and their video and audio quality is typically better.
  • Will I be able to see my cameras on my smartphone or tablet?
    Absolutely! Our video surveillance systems are all accessible on smartphones and tablets as well as your own computer.
  • At what point in my construction or renovation project do I need to involve a home automation integrator?
    We are often involved in the design process as soon as the project’s drawings are complete. Once framing is finished in a new build and while the walls are "open" our team comes in to wire up features such as wi-fi access points and in-ceiling speakers (the pre-wire stage). We are then one of the last teams on site as the project wraps up to install your electronic equipment such as TVs, AV equipment and control panels.
  • Do you charge monthly fees for your smart security systems?
    Our security systems start as low as $19.99 a month which allows you to remotely access and control your home security system through our smart security and automation cloud services. There is no contract and you can end this service feature at any time. You own your equipment.
  • Do you offer professional monitoring?
    Yes, we offer professional monitoring that provides a 24/7 live operator which calls in the proper authorities or services in the event of an emergency such as fire or confirmed break-in. Professional monitoring through our central station partner gives you the peace of mind knowing that someone else is keeping an eye on your system in case you miss a notification, alert or are incapacitated. Professional monitoring usually qualifies home owners for an insurance discount which offsets much of the cost of the service. We have NO activation fees, NO contracts and NO hidden fees.
  • Where is your service area?
    Our regular service area includes Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham and the GTA with a number of projects taking us to different parts of southern Ontario.
  • What is the difference between your security systems those from the big national communication companies?
    These package systems offered by big national companies are good for low-risk settings that do not need high resolution video or comprehensive security systems. Our security systems offer hundreds of products to pick and choose from (i.e. flood sensors, recessed hidden door/window contacts) and that feature cameras which have clear night vision and state-of-the-art active theft deterrent features. Big national company alarm contracts are notoriously one sided and written so that the alarm company gets the value of the contract even if you don’t get the service. We offer No activation fees, NO contracts and NO hidden fees and a system that actually covers all of your property.
  • Can you help me protect my car from theft?
    Yes, we can. Police services and insurance companies strongly urge home owners to have high quality video surveillance of their driveways, ideally with responsive alarm features. With our cameras you can clearly see what is happening on your property, day or night, and even scare criminals away when someone comes onto your property with voice or sound alerts as well as responsive lighting. Our smart deterrent systems are only triggered when someone is on your actual property and are pet/wildlife sensitive. We can install GPS locators in your vehicles that tie into your home security system.
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