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Automated Motorized Blinds & Shades

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Automated Motorized Window Treatments 

Get automated blinds and shades installed in your home, condo or business by Smart Space designers and technicians.  Have an integrator safely visit your location or even provide you with a quote over the phone or by email.

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Our Lutron and Clara Smart Shades are easy to use, can be integrated into your smart home, are completely silent and 100% supported by our team hear at Smart Space.

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Each Clara Smart Shade setup is Canadian-made.  These automated shades offer temperature control, privacy and elegance as well a a sense of beauty, privacy and functionality to your home.


Explore Clara fabrics and styles online. 

Available in insulating honeycomb and roller styles, Lutron shades offer a wide variety of fabric colours and textures that also integrate into your smart home system or operate independently with the push of a button. 

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Consult With A Specialist

Consult with our blinds specialists about your style preferences and get expert advice about the best automated window coverings for your home or business.  Smart Space is with you and your project from start to finish.  Our technicians will recommend the best solutions for your new construction, renovation or retrofit, install them and make sure they are operating perfectly for you.

Wired v. Wireless Electric Shades

Many of our clients contact us for electric and smart shades after their home has been finished.  In some cases it is still possible to discreetly run wire.  However for homes where this is not possible or practical there are amazing wireless, battery powered shade systems available.  Batteries would only need to be changed or recharged every four years or so.  

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Lutron Shading Solutions Brochure

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The Lutron family of products offers a wide range of shades and blinds solutions. 

Visit Lutron's site for more product information.

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