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Should You Upgrade to Smarter Business Security Cameras?

Are the security cameras at your business outdated? Is your video surveillance heavy on hardware and maintenance, and light on usefulness?  If you had to find an important video clip right now, how long would it take?

You probably know that your business security cameras need an upgrade. But you may not know how much value a smart video monitoring upgrade can give you.

With Smart Space for Business powered by, you can add video monitoring to any smart business security system. Smart Space offers a complete video solution: indoor and outdoor cameras, 24-hour onsite recording with clip-based cloud storage, live feeds, alerts and more, all fully integrated into your business security app and dashboard.

With helpful features that make it easy to see the activity you want to see, it's a smarter way to stay in the know. Here's what you can do.

1: See what's happening anytime with live feeds

How is your new manager handling the dinner rush? Is that a false alarm at 3.00 AM, or a real one? It's easy to find out, no matter where you are: just open your app and see for yourself.

With smart video monitoring, you don't need to be onsite to view camera footage. Our smartphone app lets you pull up a live video feed from any security cameras, in any location, anytime, anywhere you are. And, thanks to HD resolution and night vision capabilities, you can always get a clear view of what's happening.

2: Stay in the know with smart video alerts

When your smart business security system detects important or unusual activity, it sends you an alert. When your system includes smart video surveillance, you can also get a video alert to see what happened.

Because for Business technology understands what's happening and why, it's easy to set up custom video alerts for specific events you want to see—such as the front door being unlocked after hours—without getting overloaded by irrelevant alerts about regular activity.

3: Find important footage fast with activity tracking

It's hard to find important footage in a hurry with a standalone video solution. If you're not sure when an event happened, you'll need to view a lot of video to find it.

Smart Space solves this problem by letting you quickly cross-reference events on an integrated timeline of all the activity it processes every day.

Let's say you find the back door propped open at closing time. You want to see who did it, but you don't know when it happened. With for Business,  you can go to your dashboard and filter your activity timeline to see only your back door contact sensor. You'll see right away that it failed to close at (e.g.) 3.31 PM. Now, go to 3.31 PM in your video timeline and see what happened. You've accomplished this once-daunting task in minutes.

4: Never miss an event with 24-hour recording and cloud storage

Emergencies don't typically follow schedules, which is why our smart video surveillance works around the clock to capture and store everything your security cameras see.

Our onsite Stream Video Recorder saves continuous footage from up to eight cameras at any single business location. Your important clips are also stored offsite in's secure cloud servers.

This secure, dual-storage approach ensures that even in an worst-case scenario, such as a fire destroying your video equipment, you'll still be able to quickly download the footage of what happened, and share it with the police and your insurer.

5: Get even more value with one smart solution for everything

As well as making video monitoring smarter and easier, our service providers deliver it as part of a smart, integrated package that also takes care of your security, access control and even your energy use.

With an intuitive app and dashboard to control everything, you'll enjoy better protection, extra convenience and control, and more value every day.

And, with a single service provider to install, configure and support everything, getting started with Smart Space for Business is easy.

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