Should You Upgrade to Smarter Business Security Cameras?

Are the security cameras at your business outdated? Is your video surveillance heavy on hardware and maintenance, and light on usefulness?  If you had to find an important video clip right now, how long would it take?

You probably know that your business security cameras need an upgrade. But you may not know how much value a smart video monitoring upgrade can give you.

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With Smart Space for Business powered by, you can add video monitoring to any smart business security system. Smart Space offers a complete video solution: indoor and outdoor cameras, 24-hour onsite recording with clip-based cloud storage, live feeds, alerts and more, all fully integrated into your business security app and dashboard.

With helpful features that make it easy to see the activity you want to see, it's a smarter way to stay in the know. Here's what you can do.

1: See what's happening anytime with live feeds

How is your new manager handling the dinner rush? Is that a false alarm at 3.00 AM, or a real one? It's easy to find out, no matter where you are: just open your app and see for yourself.

With smart video monitoring, you don't need to be onsite to view camera footage. Our smartphone app lets you pull up a live video feed from any security cameras, in any location, anytime, anywhere you are. And, thanks to HD resolution and night vision capabilities, you can always get a clear view of what's happening.

2: Stay in the know with smart video alerts

When your smart business security system detects important or unusual activity, it sends you an alert. When your system includes smart video surveillance, you can also get a video alert to see what happened.