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Please get the door Alfred!

Smart door locks are everywhere these days. Even if you don't have a fully automated home these programmable locks are a smart choice for many home and business owners. When one of our smart designers came back from the CEDIA Expo this year raving about a smart lock it was clear that there must be something special about Alfred. Just like a butler, the Alfred lock will open the door for you with minimal fuss.

The Alfred's sleek design is eye catching and avoids the bulky profile of so many smart locks on the market today. The best feature of this door lock however is that you no longer need to fumble with putting bags down to free your fingers to enter a code. The door unlocks if your Bluetooth enabled phone is close by! This means that anyone with you could open the door without having to be talked through how to enter the code. And of course Alfred locks and unlocks remotely, has multiple user pin codes and sends you alerts.

The Smart Space team is excited to begin offering this door lock to clients, confident that Alfred will not disappoint.

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