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Ok Josh forget what I said

Alexa, Google and even Siri are with so many of us day in and day out. They help us manage our home and connect us with media entertainment and our friends and family. Alexa knows a lot about me. She knows what I want to eat, when I get up and go to bed, what I'm reading, what's getting delivered today and is always listening, ready for me to ask her to help out with something. I love her, but a lot of people are wary of technology and privacy in our homes, many would say with good reason. Every week there is a high profile hack that affects a major bank or another business with hundreds of thousands of clients potentially being compromised.

And in walks Josh. Josh is the next level of luxury home assist automation and features more privacy for his users. He is always ready to do your bidding but his home or business owner has more choice than ever before to control how much data is shared. While other voice home assist services are still a wonderful addition to our home we understand that there are clients that have a healthy appreciation for how technology could some day compromise their privacy. Josh's developers have taken this concern very seriously and have built-in features that don't gather user data for marketing purposes and will never sell to third parties for advertising.

Josh's usefulness doesn't stop there. His interface is intuitive and elegant. Josh's AI is quite advanced and natural, allowing you to pile on a number of commands and requests in one sentence in a less formulaic way than his competitors. The App for Josh is sophisticated yet easy to use, offering complete control while at home or away. The physical home interface itself is elegant, fitting in with both classic and modern decor and is contextually responsive to touch control.

Ask your Smart Space designer about Josh and how he can fit into your home and family.

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